January 15, 2019


The Foundation gratefully acknowledges the recent legacy gift from longtime FUMC member, Joe Henry. Joe touched the lives of family and friends throughout his life. Through his bequest, he will make a positive impact on people’s lives for years to come. Joe’s gift will serve to improve our community, assist students with scholarship help and provide ongoing support of FUMC. It’s people like Joe that enable the Foundation to continue it’s work.

Making a difference - Year in Review
April 2017 to April 2018


Support to the Congregation

Annual budget contribution of $449,000 to support the ongoing ministries of First United Methodist Church

FUMC Youth group - $5,000 mission trip

FUMC Drama committee - $5,000 for the Annual Summer Musical

New member coordinator position - $15,600 

Audiovisual ministry - $18,918 to upgrade the cameras in the Sanctuary to High Definition for live streaming the Sunday services

Travel support for a member’s mission trip and staff member’s conference attendance - $3000



$25,000 in scholarships for 26 university students and community college students

Claremont School of Theology received $20,000 to help support 2 students

Additionally, $11,850 granted to three individual seminarians


Camp Sky Meadows

Purchased a generator and a golf cart to carry supplies around camp

Additional $29,850 approved for upcoming capital improvements


Friends in Deed

$10,000 for programs serving homeless and at-risk community members


Habitat for Humanity

$1,000 - to help with community projects

Joe Henry

Joe Henry