About Scholarship and Grants

The Foundation's decisions on grant awards each year are driven by a variety of variables and constraints. First, the Foundation is bound by the terms of each respective gift, whether by lifetime donation or by bequest. Undesignated gifts allow monies from them to be used in various ways as the needs of FUMC's ministries change. Other gifts are designated and are used as the donor provides.  Much of FUMC's most vital outreach is funded by such designated gifts — the church's Christian education program, the church's music program, student scholarships, and community and overseas ministries.

Second, disbursement decisions take into account specific funding requests received from committees, departments and staff members within the church, and from community and theological organizations outside the church. Not all of these requests can be granted but the disbursements committee reviews each carefully. Third, economic factors, the performance of the Foundation's stock as well as bond and real estate assets, and the amount of income received annually serve as positive or limiting factors on the amount of grants made in any given year.


SCHOLARSHIP application forms

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The Pasadena Methodist Foundation considers grant requests throughout the year on a rolling basis.  The Foundation only considers requests that further the ministries and missions of First United Methodist Church of Pasadena (FUMC). Grant requests from agencies or organizations not affiliated with FUMC are by invitation only. If your organization would like to submit a grant request to the Foundation, please submit a one-page letter of intent that indicates your organization's name, nonprofit status, mission and the program or service to be funded by the grant request you would like to submit.

Requests will be reviewed on a periodic basis as staffing and time permits. If you would like to submit a letter of intent, please send your letter to the Foundation, attention: Sue Clairday via U.S. mail at 500 E. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91101.