Pasadena Methodist Foundation Annual Dinner 2019

April 12, 2019 - The Pasadena Methodist Foundation held its annual dinner at the Altadena Country Club.

Kevin Lussier, President of the Board of Trustees led the meeting. He recognized and thanked Richard Overton for his continued efforts to improve Camp Sky Meadows, Gerry Poulin and Kris Youngstrom for volunteering to complete the exterior work needed at The Planetary Society, John Clairday and Scott Carpenter for their support and hard work.

The speakers for the evening were Leslie Giambone and Christian Douglass from Mental Health America of Los Angeles. They spoke about the program and the many needs of veterans returning from combat and the continuing role MHALA plays to assist vets to find housing, employment and to deal with various health and addiction issues. Molly Ann Woods, MHALA’s Chief Development and Communications Officer joined them in their presentation.

Next year’s annual dinner is set for April 17, 2020.